The 4 pillars of value based marketing

The 4 pillars of value based marketing

What is value marketing and how to do it correctly?

Human values revolve around 4 main pillars
  1. Social Value
  2. Financial Value
  3. Physical Value
  4. Psychological Value
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The 3 most important marketing strategy framework

If you want to create value marketing copy and not just pitch product features you should avoid talking about the product capabilities and focus on how your product or offering solves a specific problem.

The most important thing has always been, and always will be, understanding the conflicts, worries and pains of your customers.

You must understand what kind of pain points people are experiencing, so that you can find a solution for it. Then by asking yourself what the best solution is — this will help you determine the right way to market to them.,

Before I continue

it's important that you fully understand the difference between the 4 types of value and how their importance will change dramatically based on your audience and business model. Social Value is when you can combine your donation offering with advertising and create an emotional connection with your brand while helping make an impact. The impact doesn't only have to occur in a physical environment but also through someone's lifestyle change via media exposure to a cause. For example, if we were to target a vegan client via our journalism efforts base, we could craft an article pointing out how the easiest way of going vegan is just saying no to using animal products in one's diet.

This type of article would generate social value

How is that ?

providing valuable information about effective ways on how people could become vegan without having to sacrifice their health or lifestyle.

We want to accomplish this goal by allowing them to have the option of reading both sides of the argument in multiple forms (both written and video). While doing all this, we will also be directly getting