Speaking of Coffee, Did you know that Juan Valdez does not exist?

A product without meaning is a commodity. Which one do you sell?

Back in the late 50's in 1958 to be exact, BBDO the renown creative agency wanted to bring columbian coffee into the US.
Here is how they did it:

A story was created around a passionate columbian farmer who lives in the high misty mountains of Columbia where no man can survive, only mules and great coffee beans.
The commercial was so emotional it could play in a movie opening. Warm music to scenes of a columbian farmer with his thick moustache, a welcoming smile that shines on his aged face. Wearing a straw hat and a pancho on his shoulders, as he is coming down the rough hills with his mule carrying the carefully grown, and hand-picked precious beans.

The story of Juan Valdez was born. Along with it was born a coffee brand that traveled 3 continents, put Columbia on the map as premium coffee exports. The actor Carlos Sanchez became the face of the brand, toured countries, placed  on every packaging, commercial, billboard you could see. The brand was very authentic, you couldn't get more columbian than that.
Such an example of storytelling can be applied to any business, product, career, or concept you are responsible of. Storytelling is a craft, and a passion that moves us to buy into brands, food, apps, even relocates us to different cities. It is why we favor Netflix over powerpoint presentations, why a 2 minute Apple Ad queues up fans for nights. The art of bringing words to life. Which is why you smelled coffee in the very beginning of the title.
A product without meaning is a commodity. Which one do you sell?